Google Web Designer Software II

Round II with GWD…exhausted but pushing forward!  I decided to code the webpages in Notepad ++ and  import it into GWD.  This is more tedious but it saves the time of me coding and trying to figure out GWD simultaneously.  The pages in GWD are not the same as creating pages in Notepad or many […]

Google Web Designer Software I

Ok, so I like to think of myself as a techy person but I must say I have never been so frustrated with exploring a new program especially when there’s a deadline approaching.  I have restarted my project like five times and have yet to accomplish anything.  Sheesh…what must I do!?  Ok, now off my […]

My Life with Chronic Hives

My shirt says it all….I CAN’T!  The picture below was taken within 10 minutes of me waking up.  This journey has been rough and I know I have a ways to go.  I am constantly dealing with discomfort from a simple itch to unbearable pain.  I am awaken out of my sleep covered in hives and […]

WIX…Overall Experience

Well, I finished my website project and I must say that I am impressed and proud of myself.  I was able to create a website in one sitting and it did not stress me out.  I was stoked to check a project off of my list.  

WIX…Website Template

Using Wix, I created a sample website for my website company.  I used one of the templates offered to get started and simply updated the information.  Starting out, it was basically clicking and replacing the text and pictures.

WIX…getting started!

Do you know what Wix is?  Before my latest project, I had no clue what Wix was but I quickly discovered what it was and instantly grew excited.  I started out by setting up an account to get started.  I loved the home page and how it was straight to the point.  There were many templates […]